Let me make it clear more info on Wheelchair Skills Training – Hills & Ramps

Let me make it clear more info on Wheelchair Skills Training – Hills & Ramps


  • 1 Ascends Inclines
    • 1.1 Explanation and Rationale
    • 1.2 General Training Guidelines
    • 1.3 Development:
    • 1.4 Variations:
  • 2 Descends Inclines
    • 2.1 Explanation and Rationale
    • 2.2 General Training Guidelines
    • 2.3 Variations:
  • 3 Rolls Around Side-Slope
    • 3.1 Description and Rationale
    • 3.2 General Training Recommendations
    • 3.3 Development:
    • 3.4 Variations:
  • 4 Sources

Ascends Inclines

Description and Rationale

The student moves the wheelchair upinclines of various slopes. Inclines with various slopes are experienced often within the normal and built surroundings.For instance, a 5В°(

1:12) grade satisfies the present building codes for ramps in North America. Inclines with slopes more than the standard recommended value are experienced frequently when you look at the built and natural surroundings.

General Training Guidelines

  • The steeper the incline, the higher could be the probability of dilemmas because of scraping the footrests or devices that are anti-tip the change involving the flooring while the lower end associated with the incline.
  • Momentum could be used to ascend quick inclines by approaching at rate. But, in the event that wheelchair individual strikes the transition that is floor-ramp quickly, he or she may tip the wheelchair ahead or fall ahead out from the wheelchair.
  • Whenever negotiating the incline-floor change at the low end, during either ascent or lineage, the wheelchair user should really be careful to not ever get an unsupported base, as this can lead to a hyper-flexion damage for the leg. (more…)
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