Back Office Manager

The Back Office Manager is responsible for the all background activity and administrative support for the affiliates’ team. This involves conducting the necessary reviews, examinations and supervision to ensure affiliates’ activity is aligned with company’s objectives and complying with all required regulations and policies.

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for developing and arranging new affiliate commissions on the chosen affiliate program system and amending commissions for affiliates in accordance with the requests communicated.
  • Responsible for updating all company’s affiliates with the latest information and programs, including uploading all new creative packages into the affiliate program interface to ensure company’s most updated deals and messages are presented across affiliates’ sites.
  • Take part in the maintenance of the affiliate management system. Making sure to perform all tasks given and support any query and error in a timely manner to enable the system to run smoothly and effectively. Thus, providing the best customer service experience to all affiliates and their customers.
  • Accountable for managing the affiliates’ management system users and accounts, setting up and configuring new admin users for new team members, managing all existing data and doing the necessary backup maintenance.
  • Manage and coordinate monthly affiliate payments.
  • Create and maintain tracking profiles and links for the marketing department and internal tracking system users.
  • Manage players on a daily basis for display team’s post-view activity


  • English level fluent- a must
  • Technical experience and familiarity with online tracking platforms
  • Experience with admin systems of online operations
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Programs, particularly Excel
  • Ability to work under pressure and on a tight timeline
  • Proven ability to work independently and take responsibility.
  • Great decision-making capabilities
  • Team player –who wants to work as part of a large team
  • Service oriented person who enjoys supporting colleagues with daily tasks
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